The biggest, fastest, most controllable HUET… EVER.

August 2019 – High-fidelity XO-Series HUET for Qatari Special Forces

The latest XO-Series HUET is en route to a new home with the Qatari Special Forces. It is, quite simply, the best HUET ever built.

The XO-AW139 accurately replicates the internal layout of the AgustaWestland AW139. Every detail has been expertly replicated, from pilot controls to exit handles. Every escape route is exactly as per the actual aircraft. Exits, seating and even ceiling height can all be adjusted to allow a myriad of other aircraft to be replicated in the future.

If you are interested in a high-fidelity military HUET, nothing else comes close. Contact us today to discuss all the benefits of the SEFtec XO-Series HUET system.

Multi-level Fire Fighter Training Stack for Petans, UK

May 2019 – Fire-fighter training stack delivered to Petans, UK

May 2019 – Fire-fighter training stack delivered to Petans, UK

SEFtec has completed the installation of a brand new 440m2 fire-fighter training stack at Petans in the UK. The new stack contains 11 clean-burn propane-fuelled training props and multiple helicopter fire scenarios., spread both internally and externally throughout the 3-level stack and helideck.

The location, beside Norwich Airport, has long limited the use of their previous carbonaceous burn facility to days when winds were favourable. Tightening regulations threatened to limit the use of that facility even further. The new clean-burning facility allows Petans to increase their training throughput, while ensuring compliance with ever tightening environmental regulations.

If you are interested in our clean-burning fire-fighter training systems, contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.