Multi-level Fire Fighter Training Stack for Petans, UK

May 2019 – Fire-fighter training stack delivered to Petans, UK

May 2019 – Fire-fighter training stack delivered to Petans, UK

SEFtec has completed the installation of a brand new 440m2 fire-fighter training stack at Petans in the UK. The new stack contains 11 clean-burn propane-fuelled training props and multiple helicopter fire scenarios., spread both internally and externally throughout the 3-level stack and helideck.

The location, beside Norwich Airport, has long limited the use of their previous carbonaceous burn facility to days when winds were favourable. Tightening regulations threatened to limit the use of that facility even further. The new clean-burning facility allows Petans to increase their training throughput, while ensuring compliance with ever tightening environmental regulations.

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Complete HUET facility delivered to ma-co, Hamburg

November 2018 - Complete SEFtec HUET facility delivered to ma-co (maritimes competenzcentrum GmbH) Hamburg.

SEFtec has delivered a complete HUET training facility to ma-co in Hamburg, the educational institution for the German seaports and for port-related logistics. The entire installation (building, training pool, TEMPSC, configurable HUET dunker and train-the-trainer programme) was supplied and installed by our experienced team.

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