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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions.

How many HUETs has SEFtec produced?

SEFtec has sold over 40 units world-wide, to the worlds leading training centres. To find out more, simply contact us.

Is SEFtec equipment aimed at civilian or military training?

Both. SEFtec is in the business of saving lives and believes every life is precious. SEFtec equipment is used to train off-shore workers all over the world as well as military personnel in Europe, the Middle East and America. To discuss your project simply contact us today.

Where can I find a fully-redundant, fully-certified man-riding hoist for my HUET?

SEFtec has partnered with SCX Special Projects to provide a fully-certified man-riding hoist for HUET applications. This fully-redundant hoist meets the most stringent of international standards and is independently certified.

SCX Special Projects provide a range of bespoke solutions for various material handling applications across a variety of industry sectors, including nuclear, aerospace and munitions. To learn more, simply contact us today.

How much is a typical METS dunker?

METS stands for Modular Escape Training Simulator and is a trademark used by one company to describe their configurable HUETs. The SEFtec Configurable HUET is equivalent to a METS, but is not called a METS because of the trademark. The cost of our HUETs vary greatly from our 4-exit HUET up to our military HUETs, to get a price, simply ask us for a quote.

Can SEFtec produce large-scale fire-props?

Yes, SEFtec can produce clean-burn fire-fighting training props of any size and description. We have produced everything from small, stand-alone props, right up to large-scale, multi-level fire-training theatres and fire-grounds. To discuss a specific project simply send us some details.

Can SEFtec help me get OPITO-approval for my training centre?

SEFtec can provide full consultancy to help you prepare for an OPITO audit. This will begin with a gap-analysis to determine which areas need to be strengthened. SEFtec can then help you to prepare your centre, your staff and your documentation for an OPITO audit. To discuss your project simply contact us today.

At what stage of my project should I contact SEFtec?

The earlier you contact us, the more we can help. SEFtec has vast experience of developing training centres all over the world. We are happy to help you plan your project from conception through to training. To get our input into your project contact us today.