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Fuel Options

Live fire training is inherently bad for the environment, but is an essential life-saving tool. SEFtec seeks to minimise the environmental impact of its training simulators, by using propane gas fuel to reduce the smoke and fumes produced. Smoke machines can be included to introduce controlled levels of safe, non-toxic smoke as required. Propane also allows greater control over the training scenarios and increased levels of safety.

Other fuel options, including liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas, can be discussed if required.

The advantages of using propane gas are listed below.

Internal Fire-tray Fire Trainer

ADVANTAGES OF PRPOANE Greater control of training scenarios
Immediate shut-down in an emergency
Fewer notifications need to be made before training can commence, due to less smoke
No post-training cleanup of charred debris
Minimal environmental impact
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.